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Robert Longpré, the author of A Small Company of Pilgrims appears to be an old soul, one who searches for a sense of the true meaning of life and the inner fulfillment that money, power, and success can’t achieve. His main character, René, a fifty-something Jungian psychotherapist from Canada, reflects an old-soul mentality as he travels along the pilgrim path of the Camino Francés from St. Jean-Pied-du Port, France to Santiago, Spain, while interacting with an interesting, sometimes amusing, cast of other pilgrims. As René visits a host of historic sites, marking the visits with photographs, the reader learns plenty about famous cathedrals, plazas, religious sites, and more while briefly ex

Given Up

Well-written and insightful, Given Up, highlights the joy and heartbreak surrounding the author’s adoption six weeks after she was born and the search for her birth parents long after her adoptive parents raised her in a loving home. It also sheds light on the chance encounters that shaped her life before she was born and decades later. Life would have looked different for Mary Sharon Bailey if her dad and mom had married when her mom discovered she was pregnant. But her biological grandmother—her father’s mother—didn’t like the woman who’d stolen her son’s heart, which then set off a chain of events affecting their unborn child. Was this the hand of God? Her story certainly speaks to it. W

Left Me Thinking . . .

It’s important for the protagonist in a book to be flawed, for if the character seems real, not perfect, the reader will more likely bond with him or her. Aren’t we all flawed? Daniel, in Remember: A Unique Love Story is certainly a flawed human being—bitter about his life, an alcoholic, even violent, dark—too dark at times—which was why I didn’t bond with him at first. Yet later, that was not the case at all. I hoped Daniel would get what he so desperately wants—to see the love of his life, Grace, again after she dies from cancer, leaving him a broken man. The author, Shervin Jamali, does a good job of drawing the reader into the metaphysical world where heaven, hell, and reincarnation see

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