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I #amreading . . . 100 Teen Novels by Canadian Authors

First on my list of new year's resolutions is to read 100 Preteen/Teen novels by Canadian authors before the end of 2018. Some of these authors are well-known in classrooms across the country—the globe, in some cases, such as Robert Munsch—but others are much less so, but they have talent none-the-less.

Today I #am reading Lindy: A Fantasy by Jeremy Luke Hill, an author from my home town, Guelph, Ontario, who has been hiding his light under the proverbial bushel.

Lindy is a fantasy, but it's not much like the books that people call fantasy nowadays. It has only a very few swords, almost nothing by way of sorcery, and no werewolves or vampires at all, only a quite ordinary girl who finds herself in an extraordinary world and who must learn how to make the kinds of difficult decisions that all ordinary people have to make.

Some readers might find this disappointing, but there have been too many books about sorcerers and werewolves and vampires lately, so we could benefit from something a bit different.

Besides, I think you will quite like Lindy once you've had the chance to meet her.

Published by VocamusPress

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