Write Right: Novel Writing for Beginners

In the last Write Right blog, I asked you three questions: Who is your protagonist? What trouble is she or he facing? Where does the story take place? Since we looked at the first question last time, it's time to consider the next steps on your novel-writing journey—your story conflict and setting. Conflict Without a substantial problem in your book—the events will lead nowhere, offering little interest. Think of your favourite book. Why is it your favourite? What is the main problem in it? Chances are you couldn’t put the book down until you read how the problem was solved. The book was that gripping. With the overarching problem in mind, picture your book as a series of causes and effects

Master Storyteller

Author Lee Arrowood is a master storyteller. In The Unlikely Adventures of Joe and Nick, he keeps the reader engaged through charming, whimsical characters and their fast-paced adventures from childhood to adulthood. From chasing snakes to stealing chickens, each story gives the reader a slice of life—good, bad, or hilarious—and often all three. Joe grew up in rural West Virginia near the small town of Wayne, which is reminiscent of the fictional community of Mayberry, North Carolina in The Andy Griffith Show. In Joe’s small-town world, I could almost see “Opie” heading to the river to go fishing with his dad, “Sheriff Taylor.” Living with a boorish stepfather, who is "a piece of work," Nick

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