When Angels Fly--Book Review

After author Sarah Jackson draws back the curtain of her life in When Angels Fly, one can’t help but reach for the Kleenex box. To say that her life was hard would be a gross understatement. When enraged, her mother would drag her by the hair through the house, scream and curse at her in front of her friends, or hurl insults to shame her, among other cruelties. Then to escape her mother, she married a man who was an abusive alcoholic. It was hard not to cry while reading that her husband beat her when she was pregnant, targeting her face instead of her stomach as if he were doing her a favour. Enough already! Yet there was more. A stillbirth and then doctors diagnosed Jackson’s four-year-old

Make Today Count

In Make Today Count, Master Numerologist Vikki MacKinnon shows us how to apply the ancient science of numbers to all areas of modern life. Although I've always found numerology intriguing, I was skeptical that it could uncover any essential truths about myself and world. But then I read MacKinnon's well-written book. With her clear instructions for calculating one's personal numbers (regarding the year, month and day), it was easy to see that MacKinnon's simple system is empowering! "Knowing the number of your personal year," for instance, "helps you to understand the major events and developments that occur in your personal and professional life. It brings validation and encouragement, and

An Interview with Author Joy Lynn Goddard

I am pleased to have Author Joy Lynn Goddard as my guest this week. Joy is an accomplished writer in the young adult genre though more recently, she has collaborated with her husband, Dan, on adult fiction. Thank you, Joy, for participating in my interview. 1. Do you remember the first book you read that had an impact on you - in what way and what was the name of that book? Although I’m an avid reader now, I wasn’t much of a reader as a young child. I rarely picked up a book! My teachers and parents were always telling me to read something and that annoyed me, so I refused. However, I also preferred running around and having adventures to curling up with a book. I was more

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