A Powerful Read

In Gone, author Julie Elizabeth Powell draws us into Avalon, an afterlife she sees in her mind’s eye. Filled with wonder, majesty, and colourful images, it starts us thinking about some burning questions we might have regarding life, death, and even sanity. Her main character, Charlie, is whisked away to this fantasy world after she has a heart attack in her office. Like her, we wonder if she is dreaming, insane, or experiencing a new reality. Through it all, it’s hard not to bond with Charlie, who is warm, compassionate, with has a sense of humour (I loved the chocolate-craving references), and has suffered greatly because her daughter, Jenny, has been in a coma for years. Her joy at seeing

Write Right: Novel Writing for Beginners

If writing a book seems daunting to you—something you’ve dreamed about accomplishing one day—but you don’t know how to get started—then ask yourself three questions: Who is your protagonist? What trouble is she or he facing? Where does the story take place? With your answers in mind, you’ll be eager to take your first baby steps. Then after following my step-by-step guide to novel writing, you’ll be prepared to let go of my hand. Let’s begin by looking at your main character— The Protagonist Choose the main character’s sex and age after you’ve determined your target audience. In the romance genre, the protagonist should be female because the target audience is women. Readers aspire to be lik

Emotional Clout

If facing a terminal illness, what would you do if given the chance to extend your life a few months by a treatment that will only add to your misery? And what would you do if your illness was about to encumber your daughters, son, grandchildren and especially your ailing husband significantly? With an emotional clout that’s felt long after you’ve read the book, The Last Hurrah will have you asking yourself these soul-searching questions. It will also have you thinking about the busyness of your life—jobs, kids, responsibilities, and free time, too—and how this can often push aside the needs of aging parents. But along with the weight of such heavy topics, you’ll find lighter moments in

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