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Women's Contemporary Fiction 

Joy Lynn Goddard is a storytelling artist.

She weaves believable characters into a web of relationships that become more intricate with each chapter.  The reader will not want to put the book down.

The story takes us to the heart of life: family and relationships.
The main character, Beth (Elizabeth Marshall), walks the fine line trying to find  balance in her life. As a single mom working to keep the family vineyard thriving, she is faced with the challenge of parenting her troubled teenage son and the strong influence of his peers. Juxtaposed with her family life she struggles with all the elements that can’t be controlled; the fickle nature of farming, the business of running the Kingfisher Winery and a spate of negative social media. 

Enjoy your visit to Prince Edward County, Ontario, as Joy Lynn Goddard brings small town and rural life alive, where matters of the heart are universal.  

When friends ask, “Have you read a good book lately?” I will be telling them to read, The Keepers!

Ellen Akerman author of Buddy’s Story

Now Available in Paperback and Ebook on Amazon. 

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