Left Me Thinking . . .

It’s important for the protagonist in a book to be flawed, for if the character seems real, not perfect, the reader will more likely bond with him or her. Aren’t we all flawed? Daniel, in Remember: A Unique Love Story is certainly a flawed human being—bitter about his life, an alcoholic, even violent, dark—too dark at times—which was why I didn’t bond with him at first.

Yet later, that was not the case at all. I hoped Daniel would get what he so desperately wants—to see the love of his life, Grace, again after she dies from cancer, leaving him a broken man.

The author, Shervin Jamali, does a good job of drawing the reader into the metaphysical world where heaven, hell, and reincarnation seem possible, even probable. I especially liked how he tied hypnotherapy into the story, although I wished he had developed the topic further (maybe in the next book?) because it fascinates me. Overall, the story left me thinking . . .