Novel Writing for Beginners

Learn how to turn your idea into a published novel with Joy Goddard, one of Canada’s top novelists in the young adult genre. In partnership with the Quinte Arts Council and supported by the Belleville Public Library, Joy is offering a three-part series – take one workshop or take all three! Oct 8: Novel Writing for Beginners: Part 1 In this jam-packed workshop, you’ll cover: Getting Started, What’s Your Big Idea?; Conflict; Characters; Setting; Outlining; Story Structure; How to Write a Scene; Viewpoint; and Dialogue. Oct 15: Novel Writing for Beginners: Part 2 In this workshop, you’ll cover: Characters; Internal Narratives; Dialogue; Arcs; Scene Structure; Subplots; Point of View; Su

Looking for Books for Boys?

This fall I’m updating and republishing my Northview Tales Series—Daredevils, Hello, my name is Emily, and Charlie’s Song—YA titles full of action, adventure, and coming-of-age themes. The characters face issues relevant to teens today—cyberbullying, peer pressure, blended families, mental illness, dating and more. The stories appeal to a wide range of readers because they are inspirational, with real kids beating the odds against them. Teachers across the country tell me that boys, who are often reluctant to read, pick up these books more than other titles. They like the cliff-hangers at the end of the chapters as well as the danger and sports elements. The girls like the emotional aspects

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