What's Buried in Mrs. Maloney's Garden?

What's buried in Mrs. Maloney's garden? A dead cat? Perhaps. A dead kid? More than likely. Kids say the crabby, old lady flies around on a broom all night and snatches kids right from their beds. They're never seen again! With flashlights and a shovel, four boys set out to dig up the garden one night. What they find will raise the hairs on the back of your neck! Join Pat, his friends and his beloved dog, Stitches, after a baseball lands in Mrs. Maloney's garden. While discovering some fun and fascinating facts about gardening, you'll have an adventure you'll never forget! Mrs. Maloney's Garden, by Joy Lynn Goddard, with cover design by artist Ann Boyle Croft, is a pre-teen novel suitab

I #amreading . . . 100 Teen Novels by Canadian Authors

Today I #am reading fatty legs by Christy Jordan-Fenton and Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, with artwork by Liz Amini-Holmes. Eight-year-old Margaret Pokiak has set her sights on learning to read, even though it means leaving her village in the high Arctic. Faced with unceasing pressure, her father finally agrees to let her make the five-day journey to attend school, but he warns Margaret of the terrors of residential schools. At school Margaret soon encounters the Raven, a black-cloaked nun with a hooked nose and bony fingers that resemble claws. She immediately dislikes the strong-willed young Margaret. Intending to humiliate her, the heartless Raven gives gray stockings to all the girls—all excep

100 Ways To Say "Good Job!"

Teachers know that a few words such as "Good job" go a long way to make a student's day. When "Good job" doesn't seem quite enough, however, here's 99 other positive phrases from which to choose: 1. You've got it! 2. Super job! 3. Good work. 4. WOW! 5. Now you see it! 6. You are great at this! 7. Excellent! 8. Fantastic! 9. Great! 10. That's exactly what I mean. 11. You haven't missed anything 12. You've got it all! 13. Exactly. 14. You learn fast! 15. You did it! 16. Keep up the good work! 17. Nothing can stop you now! 18. You're on the way! 19. You're getting better and better at this. 20. You make my day. 21. Try again and you'll have it. 22. You are a joy to work with. 23. You're workin

I #amreading . . .


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