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I #amreading . . . 100 Teen Novels by Canadian Authors

Hunger Journey's by Maggie De Vries

First on my list of new year's resolutions is to read 100 Preteen/Teen novels by Canadian authors before the end of 2018. Some of these authors are well-known in classrooms across the country—the globe, in some cases—but others are much less so, but they have talent none-the-less.

Today I #am reading Hunger Journeys by Maggie De Vries.

It's World War Two in Amsterdam. Teenaged Lena leaves her starving family to travel by train with her friend, Sofie, to Almelo, a town close to the German border. It's a risky plan. They have false papers and are quickly pulled off the train by German soldiers.

Only by fluke do they get back on again—with the help of Albert, one of the other soldiers. After Lena discovers that the train had also been used to transport Jews to concentration camps, she fears her new friendship with the helpful Albert may lead her into more danger.

Sofie, too, befriends a soldier, a relationship that quickly turns serious and has unforeseen consequences for both girls.

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