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Novel Writing for Beginners

Learn how to turn your idea into a published novel with Joy Goddard, one of Canada’s top novelists in the young adult genre. In partnership with the Quinte Arts Council and supported by the Belleville Public Library, Joy is offering a three-part series – take one workshop or take all three!

Oct 8: Novel Writing for Beginners: Part 1 In this jam-packed workshop, you’ll cover: Getting Started, What’s Your Big Idea?; Conflict; Characters; Setting; Outlining; Story Structure; How to Write a Scene; Viewpoint; and Dialogue. Oct 15: Novel Writing for Beginners: Part 2 In this workshop, you’ll cover: Characters; Internal Narratives; Dialogue; Arcs; Scene Structure; Subplots; Point of View; Suspense; Mystery; and Mind Movies. Oct 22: Novel Writing for Beginners Part 3: In this workshop, you’ll cover the Three Ps of novel writing: Polishing, Publishing and Promoting! Come prepared to write and be inspired! There will be opportunities for discussion, questions, writing exercises and more. Each workshop is from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, with a short break, and will take place at the Belleville Public Library, 3rd floor meeting room.

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