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Make Today Count

Vikki MacKinnon

In Make Today Count, Master Numerologist Vikki MacKinnon shows us how to apply the ancient science of numbers to all areas of modern life. Although I've always found numerology intriguing, I was skeptical that it could uncover any essential truths about myself and world. But then I read MacKinnon's well-written book.

With her clear instructions for calculating one's personal numbers (regarding the year, month and day), it was easy to see that MacKinnon's simple system is empowering!

"Knowing the number of your personal year," for instance, "helps you to understand the major events and developments that occur in your personal and professional life. It brings validation and encouragement, and helps to prepare you for upcoming lessons and blessings," she says.

My personal year, which is currently 5, "is the number of the scribe. It's a year to "seek out new people, new places and new situations." This year I've done all three of the above and just published my eighth book!

Can't help but think my numbers are adding up!

Visit to find out more about numerology and the author with a passion for helping others through numbers.

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