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100 Ways To Say "Good Job!"

Teachers know that a few words such as "Good job" go a long way to make a student's day. When "Good job" doesn't seem quite enough, however, here's 99 other positive phrases from which to choose:

1. You've got it!

2. Super job!

3. Good work.

4. WOW!

5. Now you see it!

6. You are great at this!

7. Excellent!

8. Fantastic!

9. Great!

10. That's exactly what I mean.

11. You haven't missed anything

12. You've got it all!

13. Exactly.

14. You learn fast!

15. You did it!

16. Keep up the good work!

17. Nothing can stop you now!

18. You're on the way!

19. You're getting better and better at this.

20. You make my day.

21. Try again and you'll have it.

22. You are a joy to work with.

23. You're working hard.

24. That was the best work ever!

25 You're on the right track.

26. I knew you could do this.

27. I'm proud of your work.

28. I'm happy to see you working so well.

29. Not bad!

30. Nice work.

31. Well done.

32. Sensational.

33. Awesome.

34. You make my job fun.

35. Couldn't have done it any better myself.

36. Keep working and you'll get it soon.

37. You are correct.

38. I like that work.

39. Nice going.

40. Congratulations on the great job!

41. That's impressive work!

42. Keep on trying.

43. You remembered what I said.

44. You've been listening well.

45. That's the kind of work that makes me proud.

46. You worked so hard today.

47. You are learning so much.

48. Now you've got the hang of it.

49. Perfect!

50. That is a job well done.

51. That is the best work ever!

52. You out did yourself this week.

53. Now you've got it.

54. Go for it!

55. Good focus.

56. Great staying on task.

57. Right on!

58. Tremendous.

59. That's better.

60. Love that imagination!

61. I knew you'd figure it out.

62. I am not surprised you'd get it.

63. Keep at it.

64. Good going, __________

65. You are amazing!

66. Super!

67. You certainly did a good job today

68. I can tell you've been practising

69. Well look at you!

70. This is beautiful!

71. You're a star.

72. Good thinking

73. You work well with other kids.

74. Show me how to do this.

75. You are such a help to others

76. I can always count on you to help others.

77. Beautiful writing

78. I can tell you've done your homework.

79. Outstanding job

80. You make me proud!

81. There's no stopping you

82. Go show _____what you've done.

88. Look at you!

89. And you said you couldn't do it.

90. I'm going to frame this and put it on the wall.

91. May I show the other kids your work?

92. Unbelievable!

93. The best ever.

94. You're doing fine.

95. Don't stop now!

96. You don't need me anymore!

97. Right on!

98. That's it!

99. That's a big improvement!

100. Very good!

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