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"Loving Every Page of this Book"

Thanks for the 5-star review of The Keepers on

Beth is an incredibly strong woman. Trying to keep her family business alive and at the same time dealing with her trouble-prone son, Alexandre. While Alex secretly hoped for his mom to get back together with his Dad so that he could leave behind all the tedious work at his family vineyard and move to the city, Beth found it difficult to trust Derek again.

Things got even more complicated when Alex figured out that his mother was in love with a famous author, who rented his family cottage to get away from his traumatising past and desperately trying to find new light in his life.

Even worse, Beth was accused for a murder and Tristan, Alex's best bud, had turned him down until he thought of disappearing from the world. How did they get away from all the mess? Is there any hope for Beth to live happily and normal again?

I'm loving every page of this book. The author had absolutely done a great job mixing perfectly all the elements of romance, drama, suspense, mystery and twists in the story that I found it hard to put it down. It felt good too, to see how the author put Alexandre under the spotlight, representing how a kid with depression truly feels. It's a shame sometimes that some parents failed to acknowledge their feelings.

A solid five stars from me!


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