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Getting Into The Head of a Troubled Teen

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The Keepers

The contemporary novel set near a lake in Ontario, Canada tells of Beth, a single mom, battling to keep her head above water to save the family vineyard. Besides this, she is coping with her tearaway son, Alexandre, an ex-husband and a neighbour with whom she shares an uncomfortable past.

Fifteen year old Alexandre, who longs to go and live in the city with his father, is mixed up in all kinds of mischief including drugs, a reckless girlfriend and a host of other teenage misdemeanours. And when Richard, a well-known writer seeking solace from the trauma of losing his daughter, arrives to rent a cottage, he is drawn towards Beth, which creates even more havoc in Alexandre’s turbulent life.

Things turn nasty at the vineyard and when Beth becomes a prime suspect in a murder and Alexandre a person of interest, it flips the teenager over the edge.

It’s an interesting read full of drama and intrigue. The characters are well drawn and the author did a fine job getting into the head of the troubled teenager.

I can’t fault it! 5 stars." Amazon UK Reviewer


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