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Author Talk

Many thanks to Chapters in Belleville for giving me the Author of the Month designation for April. Hope you can join me on Saturday, April 16 in the store (10:30 am to 1:30 pm) where I'll be signing copies of The Keepers, my latest novel with my husband, Daniel Pike.

I'm excited to meet everybody in person after two long, long years of Covid restrictions.


What's The Keepers about? Here's a glimpse from a couple of 5-star Amazon reviews:

Joy Goddard and Dan Pike write wonderful books. "The Keepers" tells the story of Beth, a single mother trying to raise her troubled son, while facing the daily challenges of keeping their family business, a vineyard in Ontario, Canada, alive.

This is the story of Beth's son, Alexandre, a troubled and angry teenager trying to cope with the frustrations, and consequences, of growing up in today's world.

This is also the story of Richard, a successful writer, who rents a summer cottage from Beth. Looking only for an escape from his own troubled life and personal demons, Richard soon finds himself hopelessly drawn to Beth and her tumultuous life.

"The Keepers" is a mystery with a surprising twist, a love story and an eye-opener for parents and teenagers alike. "The Keepers" brings together the beauty, and the sorrow, of the lives of everyday people in an unforgettable, original and absolutely enjoyable way.

Beth has a lot on her hands, running a vineyard and winery with her grandfather. Not only is she trying to keep the family business afloat, but her teenage son seems to find himself in trouble more often than not. And when a nearby business owner suddenly offers to buy her farm, Beth is more determined to make the business work. She’s not going anywhere. Besides, she’s rented out the guest house to a famous author for six months, and they could use the extra income. What Beth didn’t expect was to fall in love. But will a murder on the property ruin her chance for happiness?

This is the second book by Joy Lynn Goddard that I have read and it did not disappoint. The story has a nice flow and it is well written. There are a number of characters in this novel, each with a distinct personality and the author does a great job describing each one. There are also a few surprising twists which make the story even more interesting.

I am quickly becoming a Joy Lynn Goddard fan and recommend this novel.


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