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An eye-opener for Parents and Teenagers Alike

Thank you for the great review!

Joy Goddard and Dan Pike write wonderful books. The Keepers tells the story of Beth, a single mother trying to raise her troubled son, while facing the daily challenges of keeping their family business, a vineyard in Ontario, Canada, alive.

This is the story of Beth's son, Alexandre, a troubled and angry teenager trying to cope with the frustrations, and consequences, of growing up in today's world.

This is also the story of Richard, a successful writer, who rents a summer cottage from Beth. Looking only for an escape from his own troubled life and personal demons, Richard soon finds himself hopelessly drawn to Beth and her tumultuous life.

The Keepers is a mystery with a surprising twist, a love story and an eye-opener for parents and teenagers alike. It brings together the beauty, and the sorrow, of the lives of everyday people in an unforgettable, original and absolutely enjoyable way.

Amazon Review—5 Stars.


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