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A Page-Turner

Thanks to Author Robert Lalonde for the Five-Star Review.

"The Keepers is an engaging story of a single mother struggling with the challenges of running a vineyard in Ontario, Canada, while raising her teenage son, Alexandre.

There are several threads that run through this book. The teenage son who’s bored living on a farm and doesn’t quite fit in at school. The successful writer, Richard Sweeney, who has family problems and is suffering from writer’s block who comes to the farm and rents a cottage in the hopes of getting his novel out. Then there’s Beth, the single mother struggling with her business, her family, and the financial stress of trying to make ends meet while having to fend off the predatory practices from competing interests.

I found the story slow to unfold in the early part, but at about the midpoint when the threads come together, it became a compelling read that had me turning pages wanting to know how it all turns out."

Amazon Review


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