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a New Day starts Tomorrow

When I read a New Day starts Tomorrow by first-time novelist Marcus Daniel (Danny Pincivero), my favourite movie, Stand by Me, popped into my head, for both capture the teen angst so well. Based on Stephen King’s novella, The Body, the movie takes place in the late 1950s, whereas New Day, the mid-1980s, yet both draw audiences into a world they can’t help but recognize from their own high-school experiences. The hair styles, fashions and music differ in each account, while all the players remain the same—the cool girl, the brain, the jock.

In a New Day starts Tomorrow, readers watch John take the first tentative steps in high school after reeling from elementary-school hell. Separated from his best friends, he’s scared he won’t belong. After joining sports teams and meeting new kids, it surprises him to find he has a place in this strange world.

When he walks into class on the last day of high school, John is different. Confident. Strong. Capable.

His transformation is poignant.

Part memoir, this well-written narrative will appeal to young readers still wandering the halls of high school, wondering what’s ahead, as much as to their parents, who will step back to a time that shaped their lives as adults.

It’s warm and whimsical. Kudos to the author!

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