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A Love Story and Murder Mystery

Mini Book Review: The Keepers.

Thank you for the great review for Goodreads, Vhonie Mula. Uncategorized August 29, 2021

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Beth is left to oversee the vineyard and winery which her family has owned for decades while Richard needs an isolated place and peaceful space to write a book that is hard for him, he hasn’t done much writing in a while. Beth fears losing her son (Alexander) and the vineyard and unfortunately Richard has lost his daughter to a tragic accident. Beth’s ex-boyfriend, Alex’ s father (Derek) left her while Richard is about to lose his wife.

The Keepers is set in a vineyard, even though some people still think they need to get out and move to the city for a better life. The main theme for the book is dealing with loss. All the characters lose something or someone. How they each try to deal with the loses or threat of losing something.

The book has so many twists, which makes it less predictable. You think you are about to indulge in a beautiful love story but you never see a murder mystery coming. There are so many sensitive issues that are addressed in the book, like teenage mental health, bullying and past trauma/assault. Beth had to deal with being raped and not ever being believed, she had to be civil with the man that violated her. The fact that in the end someone believed her was amazing.

The book is very interesting. You realize that life unfolds right in front of you. It teaches you that not everyone is your friend, but that should not change who you are. It also reminds us that we always need someone in our corner. That love can help heal our past wonds and help us move on. I would recommend this book to all the romance novel fans. There are beautiful scenes that can be appreciated by such fans. Mere des dragon.


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