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A Good Mother

We are excited to announce our new book is coming out in January 2024. Here is a peek:

As the sun rises, eight-year-old Grace is gone! Her tent is cut, while strange footsteps lead from deep in the forest to her family’s campsite and back. Days turn into weeks with no sign of Grace, although her mother, Jackie, refuses to give up hope.

Detective Duncan Jewell stumbles upon Grace’s kidnapping investigation while searching for a missing teen. The two cases seem connected, but how?

As he focuses on finding answers, he tries to ignore his growing feelings for Jackie, which have been just under the surface since they were kids. She is married—he has lost his chance.

When his investigation reaches a dead end, he seeks help from his beloved Aunt Anna. She can see things that nobody else can see.

Yet even he, an experienced police officer, is dumbfounded by what his aunt discovers!

What is next? We are working on the screenplay.


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