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No Pajamas Allowed

Today I’m reminded of the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral as I will be attending both a wedding and a funeral on this hot, sunny summer day. With COVID still lurking here and there and everywhere, however, I will be going to my son Jeff’s wedding and my former mother-in-law’s funeral in spirit only. Virtually.

As a writer, I can snub the social norms and wear pajamas to work every day, and I have done so when both feet are in my imaginary world. Other than brushing my teeth, splashing cold water on my face, and combing my curly hair with a fork (not the one I used for breakfast at my desk), I can get by without wearing particular clothing.

But today is special, with no pajamas allowed.

During her ninety-five years on this earth, my former mother-in-law Loretta Lavigne was cherished by all. Her family will commemorate her life in the church that she embraced. I can’t show up there in anything but my best.

And will I ever forgive myself if I haven’t donned the mother-of-the-groom apparel for his special day?

My baby’s getting married to the love-of-his life, Melanie! When Jeff was born, his father Jim and I agonized over whether he would even survive. For months, which crept into years, we got caught up in masks and gowns, blood-oxygen levels, suctioning, meds and more. Although I won’t be present while Jeff stands by his bride at the “altar” today, I will rejoice that he’s thriving and has grown into a remarkable man.

That's why I’m wearing a lacy dress, spiky shoes, and lots of bling today. No pajamas are allowed!

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