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Coming This Summer:

Lauren Prescott’s family secrets were buried long before she was born, during the sixties era when her great-grandparents took in a runaway girl from an Indian residential school. Her ailing grandfather, who was a teenager back then, now longs to find the girl—Rose Hill—to right a wrong before he dies. He’s ashamed of how he treated her because he recoiled from the racist climate of colonialism of the time. Haunted by the past, Lauren risks everything to go after the truth for her grandfather—even her life!


I was compelled to write this book shortly after the Truth and Reconciliation Commission had released their report, the media prolific with stories about Indian residential schools. I couldn’t get these heartbreaking tales of neglect, deprivation, and physical and emotional abuse out of my head. As a teacher working in the regular school system—and a product of a white, middle-class upbringing—I had been living in a bubble with its perks and privileges. I needed to step outside of my world and share what I had learned; so, for three years I’ve been visiting Indigenous cultural events and centres and reading everything I could get my hands on about Indigenous issues in Canada; some of these excellent resources are listed below. If Indigenous readers find mistakes in the story, I ask that they forgive me, for I still have much to learn.


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