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Moonshadow, A Love Story

Well, I've finally finished Moonshadow, which is why I have completely neglected my blog for months. Hope to find a publisher and have the novel out in 2019.

The research for this brought me to tears at times. It certainly shone a light on the ridiculous assumption that one race and its society are superior to all others.

Moonshadow is contemporary women's fiction with historical overtones, as it moves back and forth from the past to present day. It's about the colliding worlds of the Whites and Natives in the sixties --a dark part of Canada's past--but also about today's political climate following the national inquiry by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. To that end, you'll find a surprising twist regarding cultural appropriation. In addition, the novel is at heart (pun intended) a love story.

About the Book:

Lauren Prescott’s family secrets were buried long before she was born, during the sixties era when her great-grandparents took in a runaway girl from an Indian residential school. Her ailing granddad, who was a teenager back then, now longs to find the girl—Rose Hill—to right a wrong before he dies. He’s ashamed of how he treated her, although he recoiled from the racist climate of colonialism of the time. Haunted by the past, Lauren risks everything to go after the truth for her granddad—even her life!

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