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Celebrating Special Occasions with Charlie D and his friends

Just discovered this delightful children's book by author Sherry Lee and illustrator Madeline Hunt. Charlie D and the Celebration Crabapple Tree is an interactive picture book that describes how five-year-old bear Charlie D and his two friends celebrate various special occasions under the crabapple tree, such as Canada Day, Thanksgiving Day, Earth Day, and Leap Year Day (Charlie D's birthday). Charlie D, Bella, and Bartholomew invite you to join them in the festivities.

Love it!

Sherry's keen imagination allows her to create colourful characters and stories that adults would appreciate reading to young children. She has read to her sons and now eagerly curls up with her grandchildren to read their favourite stories. Contact her at to get your copy of the book.

Look for more Charlie D's adventures in the new year.

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