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Books for Boys

Looking for books for boys?

What is the secret to getting boys to read?

Tell them to put the book down--now!

Seriously, though, sometimes getting boys to read is an uphill battle. I began writing with the reluctant reader in mind, having struggled to engage teens, especially boys, by using the resources available in my classroom when I was a new teacher. Fast forward many years, I've taught hundreds of students, all ages and grades, and have read hundreds of books. I've found that boys naturally gravitate towards non-fiction, such as "how-to" manuals, science and history articles, biographical and news items. Anything on the Internet, too, of course. But fiction? Not so much. Unless these books have certain elements.

Here are ten most prevalent elements in books that attract boys:

1. danger

2. adventure

3. sports

4. coming-of-age themes

5. teens beating the odds

6. real characters and dialogue

7. relevant issues to teens today: bullying (including cyber-bullying), peer pressure, blended families, mental health, relationships, sexuality and dating

8. minimal parent presence

9. each chapter ends in a cliff-hanger

10. lower page count (what teacher hasn't had a student who checks the page count before choosing the book?)

You'll find these elements in all my novels.

And girls like the books, too!


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