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Welcome to the website of Joy Lynn Goddard, one of Canada’s top novelists in the young adult genre.



Sometimes she writes about teens.

Sometimes she writes about pre-teens.

And sometimes she writes about adults with her husband, Dan.

But she always writes about people who have special stories to tell . . . like you!

Joy's Latest Young Adult Novel

When Pigs Fly

As a gun is pointed in her direction, Maddie falls on the subway tracks — with the train in the tunnel only minutes away. Her spiky heel is caught. While she desperately tries to pull it free, her friends look down from the platform, frozen in shock. It is then that a tall man in a ball cap jumps down to save her. Although his face is in the shadows, there’s no mistaking the pale green eyes that stare back at her in terror — they’re just like her own — before all goes black!

Click here to read an excerpt from When Pigs Fly

For ages 14+    |    168 pages

eBook: $4.99 (ISBN 978-1-4602-7373-9)

Joy's Latest Novel
Other Books by Joy



Lizzie loves playing hockey, despite being stuck on a boys’ team with teammates who treat her like dirt. When Alex, the weird kid on the team, helps Lizzie plot against her enemies, he never imagines the disastrous outcome—it begins with a dare and ends with Alex plunging headfirst into the Niagara Gorge!


Faced with the roaring falls, the billowing mist and the darkness that fills the gorge, the rescue team almost gives up on Alex—but Lizzie doesn’t. Remembering the tunnels running under the falls, she risks everything to save him, even her life!

Click here to read an excerpt from Daredevils

For ages 12+    |    178 pages

eBook: $3.99 (ISBN 978-1-4602-5917-7)

Paperback:  $12.95 (ISBN 9780973621600)

Charlie's Song

Charlie is a would-be singing star whose mixed-up family keeps standing in her way. She's embarrassed by her brother, Nicholas, who's a little "slow," and fed up by her mother who runs off to the casino every chance she gets. Her friend Matt is there to help, and she can count on her friend Shannon too. Or can she? Somehow her crazy life gets spread across the Internet.


Charlie doesn't want to show her face at school again, but that would mean losing her spot in Teen Idol, the school's singing competition. Alessa would love that. After all, she plans on winning the competition and would stop at nothing to defeat Charlie. Suddenly, Charlie finds herself in grave danger, with more to lose than Teen Idol. She could lose her life!

Click here to read an excerpt from Charlie's Song

For ages 13+    |    217 pages

Paperback:  $15.95 (ISBN 978-0-9736216-1-7)

Hello, my name is Emily

For a smart girl, Emily is planning to do something really stupid . . . She's mad at her mother. So what else is new? As a typical teenager, Emily wants a life, but her mother wants to ruin everything! She even treats the family dog better than she does Emily. Besides, she's not even her real mother—Emily and Taylor, her brother, were adopted.


As Emily begins the search for her birth mother, she reaches a dead end, but then a man sends her an email that changes her life. She wants to meet him secretly. Her friend Alex warns her not to go because he thinks that cyberspace is full of creeps. But Emily doesn’t listen to him and heads into serious trouble.


Frantic, Alex tries to save her. Will he be too late?

Click here to read an excerpt from Hello, my name is Emily

For ages 13+    |    161 pages

eBook: $3.99 (ISBN 978-1-4602-6632-8)

Paperback:  $14.95 (ISBN 978-0-9736216-2-4)


Jazz hates her life! She and her dad have moved around a lot, but this time they've gone too far. They've just moved to the middle of nowhere, and their house is old and full of creepy noises. When she complains that it's haunted, her dad pokes fun at her. To make matters worse, practically everyone at school treats her as if she's got a contagious disease. Bailey, the most popular girl of all, is the worst. She's convinced that Jazz is interested in Luke, Bailey's boyfriend, just because Luke and Jazz have become partners at the rowing club. When Bailey warns Jazz that she's as good as dead, Jazz doesn't take the threat seriously until it's too late! Luke finds her unconscious on the ground and has only seconds to save her!

Click here to read an excerpt from Jazz

For ages 13+    |    205 pages

Paperback:  $15.95 (ISBN 978-0-9736216-3-1)

Mrs. Maloney's Garden

What’s buried in Mrs. Maloney’s garden? A dead cat? Perhaps. A dead kid? More than likely. Kids say the crabby, old lady flies around on a broom all night and snatches kids right from their beds. They’re never seen again! With flashlights and a shovel, four boys set out to dig up the garden one night. What they find will raise the hairs on the back of your neck! Join Pat, his friends and his beloved dog, Stitches, after a baseball lands in Mrs. Maloney’s garden. While discovering some fun and fascinating facts about gardening, you’ll have an adventure that you’ll never forget!

Click here to read an excerpt from Mrs. Maloney's Garden

For ages 9+    |    137 pages    |    A Gardening Resource illustrated by Canadian children

Paperback:  $18.95 (ISBN 978-0-9736216-4-8)

Joy's Short Stories for Adults


Buyers, Liars, Sellers and Yellers

Meet agent Madison O’Malley whose client seems more interested in her long, lovely legs than is selling his house. Meet Attila who parades his body in his window nightly just to infuriate Melvin, the uptight neighbour. Meet agent Hugo Fields who is so in love with himself that it seems nothing can stop his rise to the top—except fate itself! In this quirky collection of short stories, you’ll meet them all: Buyers, Liars, Sellers and Yellers!

Click here to read a review of Buyers, Liars, Sellers and Yellers

210 pages

eBook:  $6.99 (ISBN 978-1-4602-9296-9)

Paperback:  $15.99 (ISBN 978-1-4602-9295-2)

Hardcover:  $32.99 (ISBN 978-1-4602-9294-5)

Joy and her husband, Dan, are co-authors of Buyers, Liars, Sellers and Yellers.

What's Next...

Latest Adult Fiction










A Love Story

Lauren Prescott’s family secrets were buried long before she was born, during the sixties era when her great-grandparents took in a runaway girl from an Indian residential school. Her ailing grandfather, who was a teenager back then, now longs to find the girl—Rose Hill—to right a wrong before he dies. He’s ashamed of how he treated her because he recoiled from the racist climate of colonialism of the time. Haunted by the past, Lauren risks everything to go after the truth for her grandfather—even her life!




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