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A YA #Goodread for Summer

Joy Lynn Goddard

As a gun is pointed in her direction, Maddie falls on the subway tracks — with the train in the tunnel only minutes away. Her spiky heel is caught. While she desperately tries to pull it free, her friends look down from the platform, frozen in shock. It is then that a tall man in a ball cap jumps down to save her. Although his face is in the shadows, there’s no mistaking the pale green eyes that stare back at her in terror — they’re just like her own — before all goes black!


Like my other books, When Pigs Fly is a coming-of-age novel with characters who have been based on some of the kids I’ve taught. But it deviates from the other novels in that it is for teens up to 17, with some themes that are dark and gut-wrenching at times. But there’s lots of fun in the book, too.

It’s about a group of teens from Toronto who spend the summer getting ready for a national mountain bike race taking place in Muskoka at the end of August. The Epic 8 is a cross-country relay race on rough terrain that takes from six to eight hours to complete. The kids plan to swim, hike and camp afterwards. They’ll be on their own for the first time in their lives, so they’re excited.

The summer is supposed to be filled with fun and adventure, dating, too, but when Maddie’s estranged father walks back into her life, the summer turns tragic, changing her forever.

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